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Cherenson Award

Cherenson Award

The Cherenson Award is a scholarship and a plaque, which is awarded in the memory of Steven Cherenson, a former student at Livingston HS who passed away years back.

While here at Livingston, Steven played football and lacrosse and after graduation, began training for the Iron Man Competition, which included biking, swimming, and running.

The criteria that should be utilized for this award is that the individual that is selected should have played at least three sports and exhibited the Iron Man image. The recipient can either be male or female. Please provide a brief summary below as to why you have nominated this student for this award.

2021 Cherenson:
Hailey Reuter

2020 Cherenson:
Sarah Cullen

2019 Cherenson:
Nicholas Boffa

2018 Cherenson:
Ryan Valese

2017 Cherenson:
Desi Brower

2016 Cherenson:
Kari DiTonno

2015 Cherenson:
Mark Silvestri