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Litvak Award

Litvak Award

A yearly scholarship and a plaque will be awarded to one male and one female athlete from the Mickey Litvak Scholarship Fund, Inc. The Mickey Litvak Scholarship Fund was instituted in memory of Mickey Litvak, the former Big “L” president, who spent many hours building the Livingston Sports Programs and Booster Clubs.

Mickey was a fan of all Livingston Sports and enjoyed watching the athlete’s progress from year to year. He was most impressed by the athlete who showed a great deal of improvement from one year to another. To Mickey Litvak, this improvement showed him that this athlete worked hard during the season as well as in the off season.

Mickey was a very enthusiastic and hard working man who enjoyed watching these characteristics mentioned above exhibited by the young athletes of Livingston High School.

Please give me a senior from your team who is a possible candidate for this award. Use “most improvement” as your main criteria. Give reasons for your selection on back of sheet.

2021 Litvak:
Sam Spitz, Katrina Leigh

2019 Litvak:
Christopher Boulin and Claudia Kamikow

2018 Litvak:
Kenny Newman and Mary Yang

2017 Litvak:
Matthew Quan and Noor Khan

2016 Litvak:
Mack Brower and Ryann Unger

2015 Litvak:
Annie Werner and Ryan Cheesman

2015 Cherenson:
Mark Silvestri